Available for both commercial galleries and non-commercial spaces.

Art Coaching

I am an artist and an Art Coach based in Philadelphia. For those who are not familiar with the term, art coaching is a tool used to help focus and organize a person in the field of fine arts.

I help to identify the artistic goals of an individual, and to what extent their art career will supplement life and income.  Within that I help to determine the steps needed to reach these goals.  With my help, there is accountability and motivation to move forward at a steady pace. 

Goals vary depending on the individual. Some artists want to make their art careers their primary or supplementary source of income, some want to show in galleries and museums with the critical acclaim that comes with it, while others want all of the above.  Understanding clearly what you want makes it that much easier to move forward. The speed that your goals are attained is up to you, since you will be responsible for following through on what is discussed.

My involvement is not in the making or the actual selling of the art.  I am only involved in the business aspect, which can include galleries and museums, artist residencies, financial responsibility, organization, written documents, and various opportunities available to artists.

Editing Services

I also offer my services as editor. If you already have your documents written, I can help create an accessible and cohesive description of what you do, what your perspective is, and create a professional presentation.


Another service I provide is in the organization and execution of projects. I can help with press releases, research potential venues, coordinate participating parties or troubleshoot ideas to generate funding.

I work in a way that is specific to the individual, taking into consideration personality and style.

Please feel free to email me with questions or requests.