Artist Statement

My artwork is an ongoing commentary of modern American culture and behavior patterns. Recurring themes in my work reference self-medication (whether illicit, legal or pharmaceutical), perceptions of time, as well as our chosen methods of isolation from the rest of society, and by extension the world. I also critique our denial of our individual impact upon the rest of the society. These ideas are conveyed through such imagery as the pill and various forms of boxes and bottles, the ideal containers of secrets and easy answers.

I have an appreciation of traditional forms and a love of replicas. My found materials of choice are naturally occurring and fabricated, showing my perspective on overlooked and discarded objects. My influences include Yoko Ono and her play on peoples expectations, and Joseph Cornell, with his constructed environments provoking strong emotional response. By their example I am developing a method of visual communication that is as attainable to the layman as it is to the art world learned.